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“Anahata” The Love Seed Planter - Archival Print


1. Giclee Canvas Print - $150

Image Size: 18 inches x 24 inches


2. Giclee Paper Print - $65


3. Small Paper Print - $25



LIMITED EDITION Each print is proofed and signed by Jerika Broussard. Price will increase as the edition reaches it's end.


Archival Limited Edition Canvas Prints come printed on canvas, stretched on stretchers, and are ready to hang on the wall.


Archival Limited Edition Paper Prints come printed on high quality archival paper.


High quality Archival Prints are guarnteed to last and never fade in color.


Please allow 10 - 15 business days for production and delivery as these items are manufactured with care on demand.

About the Art:

“Anahata” The Love Seed Planter
She plants seeds of love in spaces where love yearns to grow.
Through self awareness I've had this repetitive vision appear in my consciousness. Every time an internal or external situation or thought would arise of a lower vibrational frequency this woman would emerge in my vision space. She kneels down in a white dress planting seeds in the dark spaces of my being, seeds of love. Informing me that this was a place in my life where love needed to grow. Seeds require darkness & moisture to germinate and take precious time for growth before harvest. I am grateful for her repetitive appearance, reminding me, assisting me, in molding a fruitful reality to sew something beautifully potent and full of love. 

Acrylic on canvas 
Visionary Painting Intensive 
A Magi Workshop with 
Alex Grey & Allyson Grey








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